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Welcome to Khanmart.pk (hereby referred as “Khanmart”, “we”, “us”). Khanmart is an emerging online store in Pakistan registered with SECP. We offer a diversified platform that connects hundreds and thousands of sellers to millions of customers across the country. Our products are rich with cultural heritage and proud of our people and the area. We strive for delivering these premium quality products at your doorstep with utmost care and comfort.

T&C Agreement:

The T&C mentioned in this agreement applies to site (khanmart.pk), all its subsidiaries and social media platforms.

By accessing our website (khanmart.pk), you are agreeing to all terms and conditions stated below and you also understand that you must comply with these T&C in order to keep using our platform without any probation.

If you do not agree to any of the T&C mentioned in this agreement, you can abandon the usage of this website immediately. We would not be responsible for any discomfort caused by this T&C agreement.

Intellectual property rights:

All intellectual property on khanmart.pk will be considered the sole property of khanmart.pk and it will be protected by relevant Copy Right Laws of the country. The intellectual property of Khanmart.pk includes (but not limited to) logo, website design/layout, product photos, marketing content, audio, video, music, graphics, software, source codes as well as any other property (soft/hard) that we’ll collect/use/distribute for our venture.

User submission of data:

In order to place an order with us, you might be asked to create an account or provide essential details at the checkout stage. We may, at any time, invalidate the username or password without providing a notice and we are not liable to any loss, or discomfort caused by any such activity from our side. You are also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account details and you’ll be responsible for any malicious activity from your account.

Furthermore, your personal information shared with us will become the exclusive property of khanmart.pk and any claim by you or anyone else would not be entertained. We expect that users provide true and accurate information and by accepting this T&C agreement, you declare that by no means you will harm or mislead khanmart.pk by providing false details.

By registering on our website will mean that you have provided permission to receive promotional emails and other updates from us. In case you do not wish to continue receiving these emails, you can click on the “unsubscribe” tab at the bottom of the email. 

Pricing and Order placement:

All the prices listed on our website are GST inclusive and are placed by our sellers who are selling the product or the service. We try our best to display up-to-date and error-free prices on our website. The quantities are also mentioned with the items for your ease. However, the possibility of human/technical error cannot be eliminated completely and hence we would not be liable in case there is an error in the price/quantity mentioned. In any such case, we might reconfirm the order with you, or cancel it completely and any delay in this regard would bear no consequences on Khanmart.

We might also cancel your order on account of several seen or unforeseen reasons such as (not limited to) incomplete contact information, address ambiguity, acute shortage of an item, natural catastrophe, etc. without any prior notice and we would not be responsible for any loss incurred in this regard.

All orders are subject to complete personal information such as customer name, contact number, address, credit card information, etc. Any likelihood of fraudulent activity will lead to order cancellation and other remedies might be requested in accordance with state law.

Payment methods

Khanmart tries its best to provide a range of payment options for its customers. However, we might not be able to cover all the available options. We’ll keep on adding more options with time. For the convenience of the majority, we have the option of Cash on Delivery (COD) as well where customers will be able to pay for their orders once they receive them. However, the limit to avail COD is PKR: 5000. Any order beyond this limit will be needed to be paid in advance before delivery. Please note that you might incur extra charges based on the payment channel you select and Khanmart would not be liable for it. In the case of credit/debit card payments, we might ask for additional information to verify the payments.

Communication channel

When a customer contacts us via email, order placement, or request a form option, it is equivalence to the notion that one has granted us the consent to receive messages/replies from us in any suitable medium (electronic or non-electronic). We might choose to respond via a different channel such as SMS, phone call, email, etc. as well depending upon the perceived effectiveness of the channel by us. You also consent to receive communication regarding promotional information in the future as well. If you wish to stop receiving such information, later on, you can “unsubscribe” to these messages anytime. For any help, please email us at q.khanmart@gmail.com

Discount Vouchers:

 Khanmart or a seller might be offering discount vouchers from time to time. Please note that each voucher will offer a waiver of a specified amount only with pre-defined upper and lower bounds on quantity to be ordered. Moreover, each voucher will have a specified number of allowed refurbishments and a time frame for it to be useable. Kindly look for these pieces of information first before placing an order to save oneself from any sort of discomfort. Khanmart has the right to cancel any voucher at any time without any prior notice and would not be liable to anyone in this regard.