Refund policy

Returns and Refunds

For customers:

Khanmart offers refunds or exchanges under certain conditions.

Firstly, customers have the right to return the product(s) if:

  1. The packing or seal of the parcel is broken.
  2. The wrong product was delivered.
  3. The product has a manufacturing defect.
  4. The product was torn/scratched/broken when it was delivered to the customer.

If a product is returned because of any of the above-mentioned reason(s), Khanmart will offer a replacement or exchange to the customer as soon as it receives the product. Customers are needed to inform Khanmart immediately (not later than 48 hours) for any such issue in order to get a speedy exchange. Moreover, they are supposed to deliver the product back to Khanmart within 14 days of receiving the delivery. Subsequent delivery will be made within 3-7 working days once the product is received for return and a thorough evaluation is done by our quality control department.

Secondly, Khanmart will offer payment refunds to its customers if:

  1. A wrong product was delivered, and the desired product is no longer available
  2. The product was not delivered within the stated time frame (3-7 working days) excluding reasons beyond control such as natural disaster, curfew, protests, transportation/roads blockage, etc.

For any such refund claim, we’ll try our best to serve the customers at our earliest. However, tracking a transaction back to its origin and depending upon the payment channel selected, a refund might take some time ranging from 3 working days to 2 weeks.

Thirdly, Khanmart would not offer any exchange or refund if:

  1. Customer has placed a wrong order and failed to inform Khanmart immediately (not late than 24 hours)
  2. Customer changes his/her mind after receiving the product which is exactly the same as shown and represented on our website
  3. The returned product is less in quantity or any damage was occurred because of the customer’s inexperience/negligence. Moreover, if the product was used, washed, or repaired by the customer, it would not be exchanged or returned.

Hence, customers are requested to make sure they have rechecked the order, have gone through the specifications of the product carefully, and are making an informed decision while placing the order.

Moreover, customers can contact sellers for warranty claims. Sellers’ details will be visible on the website.

For sellers:

All sellers listed on khanmart are obliged to provide a refund/exchange as mentioned above. Sellers are supposed to provide error-free products within the mentioned timelines for deliveries/exchange. Failure to comply with refund/exchange policy can result in the removal of the seller(s) from khanmart.

For products that have warranty claims, sellers are bound to offer after-sale warranty/service. Failure to provide a warranty claim can result in termination of the agreement and legal action can be taken again the seller.

Product listing policy for sellers:

Sellers cannot post or sell any product/service that is prohibited or restricted by the government or safety departments. Below is a list of prohibited items. However, this list might not be a complete representation of all the products that are intended to be restricted. Hence, sellers are responsible for ensuring that they are not offering a product which is unlawful for sell in any jurisdiction.

The list of prohibited items is as follows:

Generally prohibited items:

These are those products which are not restricted by laws but are controversial/unsuitable to be sold in an online channel such as:

  • Items that promote racial, ethnic or religious intolerance, hate and derogation.
  • Items that facilitate illegal activities
  • Financial instruments/services such as bonds, crypto currency, stocks etc.
  • Any material related to pornography.

Khanmart reserves the right to impose additional restrictions and regulations in this regard.

Prohibited items by law:

These are those products whose sale is prohibited by law such as:

  • Illegal drugs or any substance/equipment that is used to manufacture that drug.
  • Health hazardous products such as flammables, explosives, dangerous chemicals
  • Weapons, Ammunition and firearms that can come under Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), military ordinance or even an ordinary weapon that can used to cause serious physical harm. It can also include any component that is used to manufacture these explosive/dangerous products.
  • Identification, badges or clothing products that appear similar to any official government/military uniform.
  • Any official, non-public, classified documents/information, state secrets are not allowed to be listed on khanmart
  • Unauthorized medical drugs or medical devices
  • Any listing that claims to provide Govt. services or related products such as Visa, CNIC, any sort of license etc.
  • Sale of human organs, animal body parts and banned flora is also prohibited on khanmart
  • The posting of all sort of tobacco and nicotine products (electric/non-electric) is restricted on Khanmart
  • The sale of refurbished electric gadgets such as laptops, mobiles etc. are not allowed.    
  • Any stolen or illegally acquired product.

Intellectual property right policy:

This section enlists the prohibited usage of intellectual properties which resemble to another party. It includes (but not limited to):

  • Items with high likeness in image, signature, image, or any other such intellectual property which resembles to another party are prohibited.
  • The sale of branded products without an authorization certificate from the brand is prohibited.
  • The sale of replicas is not allowed on Khanmart.
  • The sale of software without authorization from the actual seller would not be allowed.
  • Unauthorized sale of pirated/duplicated copies of the software, video games, movie, music etc. are not allowed.

Khanmart reserves the right to ban (temporarily or permanently) any seller involved in any of the above-mentioned illegal product listing and can initiate legal action against the seller as well.

Please note that the above list should not considered exhaustive. Hence, continuous update will be made in this list. In case a seller is not sure about the legality of their products, contact khanmart to seek permission before posting such products.

Limitation of liability:

Khanmart hereby expressly disclaim any warranty (implied or expressed) of condition, performance, quality, accuracy, merchantability, fitness for a particular use, durability etc. regarding a product/service available on our website. We neither make any sort of representation or warranty about any feature of a product/service, nor about the seller’s conduct of business.

Furthermore, khanmart is not liable to the warranties made by third parties. We’ll not be held responsible for any loss, delay or failure to comply with our obligations in situations that are “unforeseen” and beyond our control.

Revision/Termination of terms and conditions

We try our best to keep our T&C up to date. However, we reserve the right to revise, edit, or terminate (partial/completely) our T&C, privacy policy, or any information displayed on our website with or without any prior notice at any time. Users will be subject to the policies and regulations at force at the time of interaction with Khanmart unless any change to these terms and conditions is required by the law or government authority (in this case the new policies will be applied to previously placed orders as well).