Quetta DryFruits

Khan Mart is an online store particularly known for its dry fruits. We have handmade clothing, customized gift orders, and a large variety of dry fruits. We take pride in our credibility that we have established over the time period. People are mostly reluctant to buy stuff from online stores as they can’t really trust the process and quality of the things but we at Khan Mart has individual vendors and are helping in uplifting the small working-class through our online store but along with that, we make sure the quality of the products shouldn’t get compromised. This blog is in an attempt to introduce you to the wide variety of dry fruits available at Khan Mart.


The variety is for Almonds, Pistachios, Pine nuts, Walnuts, Figs, Cashews, and other dry fruits.




When it comes to almonds in dry fruits, it is safe to say it is the most commonly used dry fruit but it does come in a variety of types. Almonds are quite popular for their nutritious benefits and are consumed by almost everyone. They are commonly referred to as “badaam” and we have the best and the most refined Pakistani almonds. If you want to buy the best badam in Pakistan at reasonable prices then you can easily order through us.




Pistachio is often considered to be the expensive dry fruit in the dry fruit family but it stands popular regardless. Pistachio comes in a variety and some of the famous ones are organic pistachio, Iranian pistachio, unsalted and salted pistachio, roasted pistachio, pistachios without shells, and other types. While not all of these are commonly available but we have all of the above-mentioned kinds available at our online store and that too at a reasonable price.




It wouldn’t be wrong to say that walnuts are the widely consumed dry fruit in the dry fruits family. Everyone likes to devour it for the pleasure of opening it and eating it hard-earned. Kaghzi Akhrot is the common name that we all must have heard. You can get the best quality walnuts with shells and without shells from the online store and enjoy them without the hassle of removing the shells.




Fig with the common name of anjeer is a revered dry fruit. It has Islamic significance to it as well and has proven to be extremely healthy and a cure to many illnesses. It is available as organic fig, dried fig, and organic sun-dried anjeer. If you want to buy the best quality anjeer online then you can easily get it from us.


We also store Turkey yellow chickpeas, Melon seeds (Char Magaz), dried apricot, Kishmish in variety, Pine nuts are commonly known as chilgoza, luxury dry fruits which allow you to have all of these delicious delicacies without having to choose one, cashew nuts (Kaju), aloo bukhara that you can eat and even use in cooking traditional dishes and make chutneys off of it and other masalas and dry fruits in premium quality. We are the one place with the best quality Pakistani dry fruits that too at reasonable prices.