Khan Mart providing a living to many through its emerging E-commerce store

Khan is a platform with an aim to bridge the distance between the sellers and customers. It strives to become one reliable platform for the customers and small vendors to promote their businesses and earn a living through it. It is an SECP registered online platform that guarantees customer satisfaction and vendors a reasonable profit through sales. Khan Mart aims to become Pakistan’s one store that will help people generate an income while facilitating the customers with online shopping. The process should be smooth and hassle-free for the customers to trust our store and our vendors and for that, we have excellent return policies and payment policies.

People are often hesitant when it comes to online shopping because they don’t trust the quality of the products they will receive and just how daunting the process seems to be. We all have seen someone getting scammed online and that makes it difficult for the customers to trust online stores.

We would like to change this prevailing perception with our customer-friendly policies and the connectivity that we are providing between the vendors and the customers. Khan Mart is a diverse store and has a diverse collection to offer, we encourage our local vendors to sell their products through us and make a profit. When customers order something, we keep the money on hold and release it to the seller once the customer is satisfied with what they have received. This practice makes us reliable and customer friendly. We take orders for local goods and international goods and can provide you with everything you want. We sell products at a reasonable price to make it convenient for the majority of the population and also to increase the reach of our platforms to help the vendors.

When you order something from the local vendors, it allows us to contribute to society in the form of indirect employment and to the national economy. We deal in dry fruits, cultural and handicrafts, and locally manufactured goods to uplift the local handicrafts and culturally manufactured industry. With the increase in inflation, the small industry has wiped out resulting in hundreds and thousands of local manufacturers getting unemployed in days. This is our little contribution to provide these local vendors with a platform where they can reach out to potential customers and sell their products.